Our Cacao Coins Rewards Program will automatically give you 1 coin per $1 spent on cacao through our website once you register on the bottom left hand corner of our website. 

You can also earn coins by liking us on Facebook, referring friends, and leaving reviews. Once you accumulate enough coins, you can redeem them for discounts on your cacao.

How to sign up

Click the Cacao Rewards button in the bottom left corner of our website, www.ceremonial-cacao.com.

Click 'Join Now' and create your account.

Best Ways To Earn

  • Leaving a review (125 coins) & referring friends (500 coins) will help you accumulate the most points.
  • See more about earning referral bonuses here.
  • Note: To earn points for leaving a review on our website, you'll need to sign in to your cacao rewards account first by clicking the Cacao Rewards button, and signing in. This is the same account as your Firefly account.

To Redeem Your Cacao Coins

Once you've accumulated enough coins, you will see a Redeem button for a coupon to apply to your next order. When you click Redeem, it will provide a unique coupon code to input into the checkout page on our website. You will also receive the code via email. Once you click redeem, your points will automatically be updated to reflect the use of the reward.

Here's what the email with the coupon code looks like:

Checking Your Rewards Status

To see all rewards that you have earned and redeemed, scroll down to Your rewards:

You can read more about our approach to cacao as a medicine & money, as well as our intentions behind this program here.

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