Take half of the foundational recipe (below) and then half of your favorite coffee for a bulletproof style mocha.

Get ready for blast-off!

The foundational recipe

  • Heat your water to 170 degrees. Like green tea, using boiling water with our cacao could heat out all the powerful nutrients. We like using handheld thermometers or electric kettles with temperature control. In a pinch, you can boil the water and let it cool down for a few minutes.
  • ┬áSelect your dosage with intention. Cacao can be stimulating, so this dosage chart will help you decide how much cacao to work with. We also recommend taking notes on how your body responds to different amounts, as every body is different.
  • Make it creamy! Place the cacao in a blender, pour in 4-5 oz of heated water per serving and gently blend to create a nice frothy drink. We also love these hand-held milk frothers, which are less clean-up.

*Bonus tip! The cacao tastes better when you pause and set an intention for your day before taking your first sip.

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